I'm learning to love life... as if rediscovering the peaceful tranquility that can be found in the balancing of things, as I pass by hopping along the stepping stones of my journey.

Expectation is a significant thing, and perhaps I've placed too much of it upon myself in recent times. Thinking only of what is to be had, and not of what is gotten. Gaining a new perspective isn't always easy, but often profound in shaping our outlook of now and what's to come.

Right now I'm in the place where my journey began, home, it's very much the same as always, but the longer I'm away, the more I fall in love with the countryside, how I lose myself in it's calm silence and serene landscapes; an absence of self and a sense of awe.

It's a wonderful feeling to be carried away from yourself and moved by the vastness of the world.

I believe I'd be quite sweetened and content in a nowhere place, away from that me, surrounded by that which is free from man.

But sure enough, the shape and fabric of the world will change, and perhaps such scenes and landscapes will be lost in time. I wonder what shape the world might take that day, and what it will mean to be alive.