Where does the time go? It’s the end of the first semester and the start of the second. The mad rush up to the assignment deadlines was 'more than alot', putting the time in felt good though, if seemingly unachievable at times.

That said I’m confident the results will pan out well, having already given a demo of one app and received praise from an assessor.

The short break over Christmas was more than welcome. I spent the time cooking new recipes (not many turned out so well), catching up on sleep or socializing!

New Year’s Eve was pretty quiet, just a night in, a movie and some sweeties.

After New Year’s Eve it was back to it; playing catch up for my final year midpoint review... which caused me some confusion.

The review itself went fairly well, although some holes were found in the initial report presented.

So, what's goin' on naw?! Well! This week its back to university for the new module intros, and I'm glad to say, they're right up my alley.

The first module, Malicious Software Programming is focused on basic malware analysis and theory, with an intro to ethical hacking... which funnily enough, I was teaching 6 years ago at a local club. The application which needs to be written for the module is a simple anti-virus, say no more!

The second module, my option, was and is Web Project; a group collaboration to build an actual website, for an actual business, and funnily enough, I've been doing that for a good while too. Although never with a group of people whom I don't know.

That said, I'm sure it will be very interesting and I'll be anticipating what the coming weeks bring