Perhaps too much time has passed since my fingers dived through the window into myself. Never-the-less, events have transpired... twists and turns, and now it's time to reflect on my many tails of strolls down the garden path.

Presently, I find myself in that all too familiar dilemma; am I worthy of my own being... is my self-discovery, improvement, and achievement good enough, are my investments and decisions sound, and faith well placed.

Such conflict is often a course that plagues my mind upon reflection of myself.Finding the reality that exists between self-expectations with the fantasy of dreams and hopes which inspires, drives and shapes my mad world.

Perhaps I'm too critical of myself, or my lack of action is cause for criticism. Either way, I find myself in disarray with my thoughts, direction and want I truly want from life... have I grown ignorant of what I have.... is my happiness truly in question... or have the constraints I've placed upon myself bound my mind to an equation without balance.